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Our goal from the beginning has been to create a brand with a sustainable focus.


All of our trees are grown in the UK, and our growers minimise the use of approved pesticides and fertilisers, and where they do use them they ensure there is minimal impact to flora, fauna and watercourses. Wherever trees have been harvested, each grower ensures that at least 2 trees are planted to replace it. Not only does your tree arrive fresh from the grower, but it is grown in harmony with nature and the wildlife that naturally inhabit the plantations.


It is important that our customers know that their tree comes from a sustainable supply chain, and every tree that we sell comes with a unique code that gives the customer information about the journey of their tree - click here​ to find out more. 


We have reduced the use of plastics, with a focus on the use of recyclable materials, throughout the chain in our business. All the decorations that we sell are made from reclaimed and recycled materials - we regularly partner with local makers. Our Christmas tree wrapping is biodegradable.


A Christmas tree can be a carbon neutral purchase if it is part of a well managed supply chain - as well as our trees being delivered direct from the growers, we are reducing our environmental impact by offsetting fuel emissions through investing in carbon reduction projects, and we are committed to using hybrid vehicles only.  

We are always looking for ways to enhance and develop our approach - if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the above, get in touch. 

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