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We want you to enjoy your Christmas tree for as long as possible. Follow our simple tips on how to look after it, and be happy knowing you can have a magical Christmas absent of tree woes - yule not be sorry!



  • Water your tree regularly.

  • Keep your tree away from open flames and heat sources.

  • A corner is good – it keeps your tree safer from knocks and bumps.

  • If you'll be using lights to decorate your tree, try to place the tree close to a socket!

  • Cover the floor or table where the tree will be placed to help protect from water spillages.

  • Wear garden gloves when handling as sensitive skin can get a mild allergic reaction and rash.


Cut trees naturally drop their needles daily, however, follow our simple tips and it should stop your tree losing too many.

  • Once you've got it home, keep your Christmas tree outside in a sheltered area, preferably standing in water, until you are ready to bring it indoors.

  • Prepare the base of your tree using a handsaw. Cut about a half inch to an inch (1.3cm-2.5cm) off the bottom to aid water absorption. (Our staff are happy to do this for you at our store, but this only needs to happen if you are putting it up immediately - a freshly sawn tree will seal over after around an hour).

TOP TIP - Keep your tree outside in water for as long as possible before bringing in to decorate, this will help to reduce drooping and needle-drop.

  • Mount your tree as soon as possible after cutting the base. 

  • Place your tree in a container of water that is replenished on a regular basis. You can buy special tree stands (we sell a selection at our stores and online) which provide watering space. Or, you can go for the tried and tested method of using a bucket filled with small rocks.

  • Make sure your tree is straight. It is a good idea for at least two people to put up your tree, one holding it stable while the other fixes the base. Always stand back to check that the tree is straight before you get busy decorating.

TOP TIP - If your tree is slightly too big for your selected space, it can always be trimmed down to size. 

  • Finally, decorate and admire your Christmas tree.

  • Don't forget to water your tree frequently.

BUT WAIT - THERE'S MYRRH - Display your living tree in a cool room to keep it looking its best.

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