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Who, what, when, how, and why… all your questions answered. 

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

With most online communication we as a business need to uphold some form of formality, which we do with our press releases and our online content. While we do like to keep things professional, it’s always enjoyable to have somewhere to really show our personality, which is why we have created this blog. 

So, who are we?

Let us introduce ourselves, we are On Cloud Pine, (our Managing Director is a sucker for a good pun) and no we are not always up in the clouds, although that would be great right about now. 

And, what do we do?

We are a newly established pop-up store, selling sustainably sourced Christmas trees, delivered direct from the plantations, in partnership with our friends at The Royal Parks. We will be supporting small businesses and individuals suffering from the pandemic. More on this all later.

Where will we pop up?

This year we will be based in Bushy, Richmond and Greenwich Parks. We should be easy to find, we will be the ones with all the Christmas Trees! But just in case there will be plenty of clear signage for you to follow; and if you get lost then you are in luck! You will be lost in some of the most beautiful parks in London! 

When can you get your trees?

All pop-up stores will open on Thursday 26th November through to Wednesday 23rd December. We know buying a tree in November is a little early for some, but it gives you a chance to say hello to our friendly teams and find out more about our services before you buy a tree. 

How will you get your trees?

Come to the parks and we will give you a map, an axe, and our best wishes. 

Ok, so not really… Trees will be available to buy in person, click and collect or online for delivery across London. We will do all the axe work for you on the plantations! Keep reading for information on how our trees are sustainable. 

If you are thinking of enjoying a day out in the parks and coming to the stores in person, rest assured that we will be following Government guidelines. The spacious outdoor stores will have one way systems in place, protective screens at checkout, a contactless payment system, PPE will be worn by staff at all times and enhanced cleaning of facilities for customers and staff.

Finally, why should you care?

From the outset, On Cloud Pine’s goal has been to create a brand with a real focus on sustainability. 

So, we work closely with our growers to ensure that our trees arrive fresh directly from the plantations. Together, we prioritise minimal use of approved pesticides and fertiliser, and where they are used, there is minimal impact on the environment. 

It is important to us that our customers know that the tree (or trees if you fancy creating a festive forest in your home/garden), comes from a sustainable supply chain.


...(and this is really cool), every tree that we sell comes with a unique code that gives you the chance to learn about the journey of your tree and where it has come from.

Making Christmas safe and easy, especially for those who are vulnerable, is hugely important to us (everyone should get the Christmas they want). We hope that with the precautions we have put in place, and the added option for home deliveries/click and collect, we will enable all customers to have the kind of Christmas they have been hoping for.

Our team is mostly comprised of artists who have re-trained (following government advice) to become festive lumberjacks (tree elves?). In all seriousness we are committed to offering opportunities to individuals who are suffering due to the pandemic. We have assembled a friendly and knowledgeable team, many of whom are having to put their regular work on hold. They are looking forward to working during this festival season, to create a welcoming, and safe environment for customers to buy their Christmas trees.

We are very much looking forward to working in partnership with The Royal Parks, as we not only get to work with their fantastic team but also spend our time in stunning surroundings. Adding to that, The Royal Parks is an important charity that exists to make sure London’s eight historic royal parks will always be there to enrich the lives of local residents and visitors to London. So, by purchasing one of these trees, you will be helping this amazing organisation care for these beautiful green spaces. 

So, it’s a win win - our customers get to purchase an awesome looking tree that is less environmentally impactful, and can do it safely all while supporting the beautiful The Royal Parks. 

We look forward to seeing you at our On Cloud Pine stores this Christmas! (Again it was the boss’ idea).

If you have made it this far you will be pleased to know that a blog post will be published every week! Go give us a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay tuned for updates and exciting opportunities coming soon. 

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