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Tips On Buying Your Tree

We know how important picking a Christmas tree can be! There is alway an element of excitement but also pressure to choose the right tree. So here's a helpful blog letting you know more about our Christmas trees and tips on how you might find the perfect one for you.

Plus...our fantastic teams are always on hand at our stores (Bushy, Greenwich and Richmond) for any query you may have.

This year we are selling three varieties of freshly cut Christmas trees. All our trees are of the best quality, (we'd say the best in London), each one is a little different, so here is a quick guide:


If you are looking for a popular, symmetrical shape, then the Nordmann Fir is the tree for you! Nordmann’s are known for their hardiness and glossy dark green foliage which is slightly scented.

They are blessed with excellent needle retention. Unlike some other varieties, it will hold on to its needles for as long as possible (this is what we like!). The needles will start to slightly curl inward rather than completely fall off at first. This means less hoovering and more time admiring the beautiful foliage of the tree.

While at the plantation, the Nordmann requires very little training or pruning, just a slight trim once or twice a year to help keep it in shape.

If you have a dog, Nordmann’s are a great choice. Your dog won’t want to bite it as it’s not heavily scented. So, your trees and pets will live in harmony.


If you are wanting a more grand looking tree, Noble’s are considered to be one of the most handsome and majestic. It has lovely blue-green foliage and a pleasant fragrance, as well as great needle retention. It is often a popular choice because of the more open branches and great shape - ideal for showing off larger decorations (better start making some).

The Noble Fir displays all the characteristics of the perfect Christmas tree but is notoriously difficult to grow, which is why you'll find it is slightly more expensive per foot.


If you fancy an unusual choice, the Fraser Fir, which has been growing in popularity in the UK in the last few years, may be the one for you. Many people choose this tree for it's gorgeous silvery-green, dense and bushy foliage. Additionally, the needles are very soft, which helps to avoid scratches and other injuries, and is great for little ones.

Another reason why this tree is so popular is due to its sweet citrus aroma, this scent fills your home and can last for as long as the tree is indoors. The branches of the tree are thick, strong and are angled upwards to allow easy decoration and it can take on heavier ornaments with no trouble.

Already blessed with excellent needle retention, this tree will hold on to it's needles for as long as it is kept well watered.

We also sell three types of pot grown trees - Korean Fir, Blue Spruce, and Nordmann Fir. For more on these trees click here ->

Now that we have covered our trees, here are some tips on how to take care of your tree, once you have chosen your perfect tree ->

Hopefully we have answered all your questions. However, if not then please do not hesitate to contact us via our website, on our social media or come on down to our stores where our incredibly helpful and friendly teams, full of a vast knowledge of our trees, will be able to help you pick your prefect tree!

Also while you're there why not enjoy a wintery walk in The Royal Parks too.

Before we sign off for this week, we just wanted to say Happy National Tree Week! If you get a chance to take a wintery wonder, make sure to go hug or say hello to a tree along your way!

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