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Fancy some fresh air in The Royal Parks?

Our Marketing Manager, Rhiannon, has been on an adventure around Richmond Park! Before you say “but what about the other Royal Parks?”, we do still love them too, but due to lockdown she hasn't been able to enjoy them as much as she would wish. On the bright side she has managed to create a walk around Richmond Park for all those who wish to enjoy the outdoors this week.

The Richmond Gate Walk - 2hrs - 9.27km Leisurely

The walk starts and ends from Richmond Gate, or if you are coming in a car you can park at Pembroke Lodge and start/end there.

1. Starting off on the right hand side of Queen’s Road following the path towards and through Pembroke Lodge Car Park. On the way you may see and want to visit poet corner.

2. Once past the car park keep to the right of the road until you pass Hamcross Plantation (which will be on the left of the road) and there is a crossroad junction.

3. At the crossroads you need to go left on to Quietway 21 heading toward the Isabella Plantation.

4. Follow the road or path leading to the plantation and enjoy half an hour wandering around.

5. Once you feel you have spent enough time in the plantation, head back to where you entered.

6. Now stay to the right side of the road heading straight on, with the road always on your left until you reach Pen pond cafe. Here grab a coffee, a snack and enjoy the view.

7. Then when ready, head towards White Lodge, up a bit of a hill.

8. Once in front of the Lodge head right down the avenue with your back to the lodge. If you have not already you may see some deer.

9. After 5 minutes you will come to a clearing or a path junction with the lake on your left. If you wish to spend some time here please do so. It's so beautiful.

10. Then keep heading up the avenue enjoying the Jubilee Plantation on your left and the Saw Pit Plantation on your right. You will end up with Sawyer’s Hill Road in front of you.

11. If you are feeling tired at this point feel free to follow the road back to Richmond Gate.

12. If you are wanting a little more adventure, why not enjoy Sidmouth Wood which will be on your left after the avenue. Remembering that Sawyer’s Hill Road is to the north. Richmond Gate is a short distance from these woods.

If you are thinking of enjoying a walk around any of the parks please consider that they have been super busy over the last few weekends due to lockdown 2.0. If you prefer a more serene and quiet walk, you will definitely get this, if you visit during the week. However if this is not viable The Royal Parks recommend the best time at the weekend is in the morning.

Even though we are just out of the deer rutting season, we do recommend to be aware not to get too close to the deer, especially if you have dogs or young children, to keep them safe and not to annoy the deer. For more information, here is a handy ‘12 thing you should know about the deer rutting season’ blog from The Royal Parks -

We are very fortunate that our stores are located in such beautiful surroundings and working alongside a supportive and welcoming team at The Royal Parks. They have written a fun ‘Top ten things to do in The Royal Park this Autumn’ blog, so check it out when you are out and about in the park (maybe on this walk above) -

By buying a tree from us you are not only supporting a small business but also The Royal Parks that looks after London’s most stunning outdoor spaces.

If you are not able to get to the Parks, why not bring The Royal Parks to you with this Autumn quiz! We have had a go and it’s rather fun!

Under a week to go before our stores open, and it’s like Christmas is coming early. For more in depth info on our safety measure at stores, store locations, dates, times and deliveries please visit

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